ISIS fatwa on FGM is a hoax

Posted on 24 luglio 2014


Yesterday ANSA news agency announced that: «An unverified decree dated Monday in the Islamic State (IS), which extends from Aleppo in Syria to Mosul in Iraq, states that all women in the territory must undergo infibulation, or female genital mutilation».


Despite the article carried many doubts and warnings, many Italian news outlets reprinted it, often reducing its nuances and warnings. As long as today other foreign outlets followed, without doubts.


The «fatwa» originally emerged from a site and a Twitter account  apparently  linked to Copts on july 20, one day before it’s allegedly official release. But it’s even older, given «it has been making rounds since 2013 from inside Syria».

None of the sites or accounts linked to ISIS has notified nor commented this «decree», nor any source linked to ISIS has commented it, but meanwhile the news has spread and even UN has issued a statement condemning the ghost fatwa: «It is a fatwa (or religious edict) of ISIS, we learnt this this morning» said Jacqueline Badcock, the number two U.N. official in Iraq. A fatwa that never existed as and others pointed out after checking local sources.

Update: Later The Guardian was able to reach people from ISIS in Mosul, who denied the rumors and dismissed the story as propaganda based on a fake document.



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